Service Areas

Our CPA firm is comprised of talented professionals with a high level of expertise within the industries we serve. Our many years of collective training, experience and resources are available to you.

Langdon & Company LLP will represent your organization’s interests with expert knowledge and professionalism.

Small Business

Langdon & Company LLP is committed to providing expert client service to closely-held, non-publicly traded business entities and as such we are purposely focused on assisting small business owners achieve success.

We serve all types of small businesses from inception to succession. Our approach to serving the closely-held business is holistic. In most cases it is not only a business but an integrated unit, consisting of multiple businesses, family members, and oftentimes trusts. Any potential decisions affect all aspects of the group and cannot be evaluated in isolation. Our professionals are accessible 24/7 to respond to inquiries because we appreciate the fact that running a small business does not only occur during regular office hours. Langdon & Company LLP understands the closely-held business and brings to you a wealth of experience and expertise to help you manage your business.

Nonprofit Organizations

Since our Firm’s inception, we have made a commitment to the nonprofit community. We have served many nonprofit clients of all sizes and complexities. We understand the challenges facing nonprofits, such as maximizing resources available to provide services, complying with complex reporting and accounting standards, minimizing administrative costs and dealing with unique tax issues.

In complement to our vast Audit experience with nonprofit clientele, Langdon & Company LLP has unparalleled expertise in assisting all manner of tax exempt organizations with their tax planning and reporting requirements. Our extensive experience enables us to provide efficient, cost-effective services to a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Real Estate

Langdon & Company LLP offers a broad base of knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. We serve many clients including those dealing in commercial, residential and industrial properties. We understand the common financial issues and complexities real estate businesses faces and are ready to assist you with practical accounting solutions and tax strategies.

Our real estate CPAs provide management consulting in many areas specific to the real estate industry that help clients reduce operating costs and maximize profitability. Langdon & Company LLP frequently consults on specialized transactions, such as like-kind exchanges, as well as providing expertise in budgeting, forecasting, and cost segregation studies. We recognize our clients have a unique set of business issues and concerns and we have the resources to help drive their continued success.


Today more than ever, healthcare providers find themselves in a constant state of change, with the increasingly burdensome administrative burdens and regulations, reimbursement changes, rate fluctuations, and operational complexities. Langdon & Company LLP understands the challenges you face as an operator in the healthcare industry. We serve clients operating in senior services, home health and hospice, physician and dental practices, as well as behavioral healthcare.

We offer a high degree of expertise and experience in Medicare, Medicaid and Managed Care matters. We understand reimbursement issues and capital data surveys, assist with third-party audits and appeals, and our professionals have experience in the Certificate of Need application process.

Closely-Held/Family Owned Businesses

For over 25 years Langdon & Company LLP has worked with family-owned and closely held businesses. We have developed the expertise required to help companies with our wide range of services. Our experience working with closely-held and family owned businesses offers advantages that go beyond comprehensive tax and private accounting services.

We strive to help our business-owner clients spend less time dealing with tax and accounting matters and more time creating business value. Whether you’re just getting started, or established and successful, our team of professionals can help your business reach its full potential.

Trusts & Estates

Accounting for trusts and estates is a highly complex and specialized area of wealth management. At Langdon & Company LLP, we understand the need for a service provider that is experienced and knowledgeable in order to ensure the successful accounting of your trust or estate. That is why we offer services to help our clients develop a strategic plan that will preserve assets for the financial security of their family’s future.

Estate planning is not only about having a will or a trust. It’s about having the appropriate tools in place to facilitate the transfer of your assets to beneficiaries while minimizing difficulty, administrative costs, and taxes.  Our trusts and estates team will provide you with the necessary tools to assure your wishes are carried out as you intended.