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The Big Impact of Big Data

by Rebecca LunnSmall Business Accounting

In recent years, there has been a buzz around the term “big data.” As SAS describes, “big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis.” With the influx of technology and increasingly complex ways to collect and analyze data, understanding big data is becoming essential to business.

We see examples of big data every day, such as personalized coupons at the checkout counter or ad placement on social media. However, it is much easier to visualize how a financial or retail business can use big data, as compared to a nonprofit. Nonprofits may not have the same volume of data as corporations, but these organizations can still take advantage of the big impact of big data.

Marketing: With the introduction of new technology, the marketing strategy of organizations has transformed. By collecting data about website visits, email subscribers and social media likes, nonprofits can analyze their audience. Using this data, the organization can tailor posts to include topics which interest their audience, leading to increased sharing of information and awareness of the organization’s mission.

Development: In addition to marketing uses, social media can also be used to encourage donations. With the increased sharing of information mentioned above, comes the possibility of increased support. Similar to email subscribers, organizations should maintain a database of donor demographics. This information can be used to make an appeal for funds on a more personal level. In addition, the organization can send individual donors information about events or fundraisers that might specifically interest them, rather than a mass mailing with higher costs.

Programs: The primary focus of most nonprofits is their programs, which have a direct impact on the community. On a periodic basis, organizations should collect data related to program growth and clients served. This can assist the organization in allocating sometimes scarce resources, such as funds and employees, for maximum impact.

Langdon & Company LLP has in place a team of professionals that specialize in working with nonprofit organizations.  Please contact our office for additional information on how we can assist you.

Rebecca ([email protected]) is an audit senior in our firm.  She works closely with the audit staff in the areas of healthcare and nonprofits.

Small Business in North Carolina

by Russell Barker18th

Did you know there are approximately 833k small businesses in North Carolina?  That’s a pretty big number.  Why we are talking about this now? It is tax season and companies and individuals are gathering their information in order to either prepare or have their accountants their tax returns. You may or may not understand the process to get your tax returns accurately prepared and timely filed. I wanted to give you some guidelines to help.

Some people might think that gathering all their personal information and getting some of the business information is all you have to do.  The reality is that your first objective is to have your business’ books completed accurately.  You should ensure that all the bank accounts (including credit cards and loans) are updated and reconciled.  Be certain to capture any supplies or equipment  purchased near year-end in your books.  This will ensure that you obtain the proper expense and depreciation deductions you are entitled to.

The reason to get your company books in order first is because most small business (sole proprietor, Sub-S, Partnership, LLP, LLC) income will flow into your personal return.  It is important that you or  your tax preparer has all the proper information to complete both. Delays in the business returns will cause delays in having your personal returns processed.

This is just a quick reminder for you to think about so you can prepare all supporting documentation and have it ready for your tax preparer.

Remember 2015 taxes are due April 18th! Contact Langdon & Company LLP for help in getting 2015 tax return prepared or extended.

Russell ([email protected]) is part of Langdon & Company’s Accounting Services department. He works primarily with doctor’s practices.