NC Adult Care Cost Report Update

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by Rachel Owens


We have an official update from the NC Office of the Controller!

They have announced that NO Adult Care Cost Report will be due in 2016 after the General Assembly passed House Bill 1030, which changed the General Statute 131D-4.2 stating the ACH Cost Reporting requirements.  These reporting requirements changed to every OTHER year instead.

Therefore, the next cost report required will be for 2017.  The deadline has not been set, nor the year end for that cost report.  We will continue to be in communication with our contacts at the state to get information as it comes in, and pass it along to you.

Click here to see the official announcement.  If you have additional questions about cost reports or other ways Langdon & Company LLP can help your Organization, contact us!

Rachel ([email protected]) is an Senior Accountant who works primarily with healthcare clients, providing all their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement reporting needs.