Why a Non-Profit Should Hire a CPA Firm?

The provisions of the Internal Revenue Code are complex regarding the tax treatment of non-profit donations, transactions and other recognizable events. An experienced Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is trained in the nuances of non-profit accounting and tax returns, and is capable of assisting management with recordkeeping and tax return preparation.

Utilizing a Raleigh CPA allows management to focus on day-to-day operations, and generate additional streams of income.

To obtain the CPA designation accountants have to meet rigorous educational, academic and professional standards. Experience requirements vary by state, but typically include two or more years of professional accounting and auditing experience. By selecting an accountant with the CPA designation, clients are assured to work with an educated and experienced accounting professional. Seeking a Raleigh CPA firm specializing in non-profit accounting is an important business decision.

The services offered by Langdon & Company, LLP, a Raleigh CPA firm, benefit non-profit clients in numerous ways. Auditing and attestation services add to the credibility of management assertions, representations and financial statements. Consulting services assist management with strategic decision making and other facets of non-profit operations. Accounting and record keeping assistance perpetuates the creation of accurate and professional financial statements.

Langdon & Company, LLP also assists non-profits with transaction planning and business structure engagements. Specific accounting and tax services offered to non-profits include:

  • Completion of Form 1023, Application for Tax Exempt Status, and Communication with the Internal Revenue Service. 
  • Preparation of Annual Federal Reporting via Form 990, which includes compliance and extensive disclosures. 
  • Multistate planning for annual filing requirements, registrations and renewals. 
  • Internal control engagements focused on appropriate controls and governance policies for exempt status and mitigation of audit risk. 
  • Consulting engagements focused on operational efficiencies and structural improvements. 
  • Multistate and IRS dispute resolution services.

Non-profits should utilize CPAs from Langdon & Company, LLP to assist with accounting services and tax preparation. Accountants with the CPA designation are highly trained and skilled individuals, and are capable of assisting non-profits with a wide array of services.

Non-profits should utilize Raleigh CPAs to enhance the accuracy of financial reporting, tax returns and efficiency of day-to-day operations. Learn more about Langdon & Company LLP services offered to nonprofit organization by calling 919-662-1001 of by filling out the contact form.