Certified Public Accountant vs. Tax Preparer

It’s income tax season again. Many of us get tense just thinking about filing our tax returns. Rather than stressing over preparing your own tax returns, consider seeking out professional help. There are basically a few options when it comes to completing your tax returns, including: doing it yourself, asking a friend or family member for help, paying a tax preparer or hiring a NC CPA firm. Unless you or your friends and family members are experts in current tax laws, hiring a professional is the best option. Between the tax preparer and CPA, which one should you hire?

Many people get excited about using one of those large tax preparation services that guarantee they’ll get you the highest return possible. What they don’t realize is that many of the tax preparers who work for those big companies are not tax experts. Most of those big companies hire seasonal help and train them to fill out tax returns. With that in mind, deciding between a certified public accountant and a tax preparer is an easy decision.

CPA’s are educated, credentialed professionals who have developed a deep understanding of tax laws, as well as personal and business finances, through extensive education and training. They must pass a state administered exam to become licensed before they can be recognized as a certified public accountant and in order to maintain their license, they must participate in continual professional training. In addition to completing individual and business tax returns,a Raleigh CPA firm, such as the professionals at Langdon & Company LLP, can provide advice and guidance on a broad spectrum of tax and financial topics.

They have a specialized team of CPA’s who focus on federal, state, local and international taxes, so they not only know what filings are required, but also advise clients on tax compliance matters and delinquency issues. They can work with clients during audits, prepare correspondence on tax issues, and even handle lien release proceedings. Paid tax preparers do not normally provide the level of expertise or broad array of services that a CPA firm can.

Additionally, the professionals at Langdon & Company LLP are available all year long to assist with your personal and business financial matters, was well as tax issues, to help you achieve your financial goals.  The CPA’s at Langdon & Company LLP offer accounting, audit and advisory services, as well as expert personal and business tax assistance that will not only take care of your financial matters, but also provide you with peace of mind.

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