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Langdon & Company LLP,  provides tax services in the Raleigh area.  We provide consultation and tax services to business owners by helping to interpret tax law, raise tax related issues and provide solutions to tax problems. Our professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in Federal, Multi-State and International tax laws. Langdon & Company LLP keeps clients up to date with insight on breaking legislation as well as providing innovative strategies.

Federal Taxes

Langdon & Company LLP staff has comprehensive education and experience dealing with Federal tax law due to the fact that they make sure to keep up with the latest legislative developments through the use of our large number of trade resources. All of their firm members are required to continue their education on the subject as well. In fact, their  senior professionals often offer external instruction to other professionals and are routinely requested for instruction by their peers.

Multi-State Taxes

As Internet commerce has grown and the marketplace has become globalized, businesses must comply with the many more multi-jurisdictional tax laws and filing requirements those present. If a business decides to expand outside of its home state in order to generate additional profit, it must take into account the additional tax burdens of doing so. Langdon & Company LLP helps guide business owners through the complicated process of multi-state tax laws that are imposed by every state in the country by using techniques such as:

  • The studies of Multi-State Tax Nexus
  • State allotment planning and compliance
  • Filing composite tax and unitary returns
  • Maintaining a “good standing” rating
  • Taking advantage of local and state tax amnesty programs
  • Taking advantage of tax credit and incentive initiatives

International Taxes

Many of their clients have expanded their businesses past U.S. borders. Langdon & Company LLP can help in consulting on the transactions their clients make with their affiliates and customers outside of the country. This includes consulting in issues regarding:

  • The transferring of assets both in-bound and out-bound
  • Maximization of foreign tax credit and exclusion
  • Pricing of transfers
  • Foreign withholding regulations
  • The structuring of foreign investment in our client’s businesses

Settling Tax Controversies and Disputes

They provide expert services in offering solutions for responding to matters concerning tax compliance and delinquency with all tax authorities, whether Federal, State or Local. Langdon & Company LLP can provide assistance with:

  • Audit proceedings
  • Notice response correspondence
  • Negotiating installment plans
  • Lien release

Their clients know that the resolutions they come up with when helping to settle a dispute protects their interests as well as ensures that any improper tax collection difficulties are appeased. Contact Langdon & Company LLP and a representative can help discuss tax services options.