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Transaction Planning

Langdon & Company LLP understands and appreciates the fast paced environment in which businesses today operate. Opportunities come and go quickly and business owners must be prepared to make informed decisions timely. Our Raleigh, NC transaction planning professionals have experience in a broad range of business transactions. Langdon & Company LLP can assist in risk assessments associated with potential business transactions. Oftentimes, these transactions are further complicated by taxation issues. Our advice during the planning stage may help avoid burdensome tax consequences from such transactions while also providing opportunity for implementing tax saving strategies.

We understand that timing is critical and offer prompt response times. We often assist clients with valuations, projections, due diligence, risk analysis, in addition to evaluating potential tax effects. Because we are businesspeople as well as accountants, our clients look to us for an objective, unbiased consultation. Types of transactions we often see include, but are not limited to:

  • Business/Real Estate acquisitions
  • Business expansion
  • Mergers
  • Sale of a business/Bankruptcy
  • Divorce settlements

Langdon & Company LLP will work alongside the business owners and their legal representatives to ensure your overall objectives are met during deal negotiations as well as a smooth transition once the deal closes