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Tax Services & Consulting

We partner with our client business owners to interpret relevant tax law, raise issues and provide valuable solutions. Our vast in-house tax expertise includes a keen understanding of Federal, Multi-state and International tax laws as they impact each client’s industry and specific business. Our tax consultants regularly communicate with our clients to provide insight on breaking legislation and cutting edge strategies. As part of our commitment to client service, Langdon & Company LLP also shares insights on relevant tax and business "best practices" gathered from our collective experience to provide each client a valuable information and advisory resource.

Federal Tax

Our Federal Tax expertise has been accumulated through a combination of our extensive experience working with closely-held businesses and our specialized educational backgrounds. We stay abreast of the latest legislative developments through our various trade resources and mandatory continuing education requirements we impose on our firm members. Senior professionals at Langdon & Company LLP regularly serve as external instructors to other professionals and are regularly sought out by peers for collaboration.

Multi-State & Local Tax "SALT"

With the proliferation of Internet Commerce and globalization of the marketplace, businesses must be cognizant of multi-jurisdictional tax laws and filing requirements. Businesses cannot overlook the tax burdens of expanding into new markets, particularly when profit-generating activities are conducted outside the borders of their home state. Our tax consultants at Langdon & Company LLP deftly navigate business owners through the complicated maze of tax laws imposed by all fifty states using such techniques as:

  • Multistate Tax Nexus Studies
  • State Apportionment Planning and Compliance
  • Composite Tax and Unitary Return Filings
  • Maintenance of "Good Standing"
  • Tax Credit and Incentive Initiatives
  • State & Local Tax Amnesty Programs

International Tax

Many of our clients expand their reach beyond the continental United States in a variety of activities. We consult on transactions between U.S. companies and their affiliates and customers, including as the appropriate structuring of foreign investment in U.S. companies, in-bound and outbound asset transfers, foreign tax credit and exclusion maximization, transfer pricing, and foreign withholding rules. When confronted with a non-U.S. tax issue requiring a specialist in the foreign locale, Langdon & Company LLP can rely on its trusted professional network to access on-site professionals.

Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

Langdon & Company LLP tax services professionals provide expert dispute resolution services for addressing tax compliance and delinquency matters with the Federal, State and Local tax authorities. Whether we assist on Audit Proceedings, Notice Response Correspondence, Installment Plan Negotiations, or Lien Release, clients are relieved to know Langdon & Company LLP experience in dispute resolution will serve to protect their interests and better ensure that undue tax collection hardships are mitigated.

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