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Tax Planning & Consulting

The voluminous text encompassing Federal and State income tax laws that effects individuals has grown exponentially since the first income tax was established nearly 75 years ago. The future promises change and challenge for individuals seeking to take advantage of tax savings opportunities while complying with required tax filing requirements.

Langdon & Company’s Raleigh tax planning professionals are expertly positioned to handle all individual tax planning and compliance needs. Our tax consulting team includes both CPA and Attorney representatives with backgrounds in "Big 4" and regional accounting firms along with Langdon & Company LLP career professionals whom have prospered under Langdon & Company’s work experience and firm-based training initiatives. This abundance of experience and education provides our clients with access to vast tax expertise but efficient fees.

Our clients include high net worth individuals and executives in professional and commercial service businesses, retail sales, real estate construction and speculation, bio-technology, and healthcare.

We personally meet with our clients offering tax advice on topics such as:

  • Wage and Compensation Planning
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Passive Activity Loss Rules
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusions
  • IRA Conversion and Distributions
  • Capital Gain Transactions & Loss Harvesting
  • Income Deferral Strategies
  • Like/Kind Exchanges
  • Timber and Farming Activities
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Tax Credit Opportunities