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Small Business

Langdon & Company LLP is committed to providing expert client service to closely-held, non-publicly traded business entities and as such we are purposely focused on assisting small business owners achieve success.

We serve all types of small businesses from inception to succession/wind down. Langdon & Company LLP is uniquely qualified as a skilled small business accounting resource based on our collective years of experience representing the closely held business. Our approach to serving the closely-held business is holistic. In most cases it is not only a business but an integrated unit, consisting of multiple businesses, family members, and oftentimes trusts. Any potential decisions affect all aspects of the group and cannot be evaluated in isolation. Our professionals are accessible 24/7 to respond to inquiries because we appreciate the fact that running a small business does not only occur during regular office hours. Langdon & Company LLP understands the closely-held business and brings to you a wealth of experience and expertise to help you manage your business.

Some of the small business accounting services Langdon & Company LLP often provide include: