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Nonprofit Organizations

Since our Firm’s inception, we have made a commitment to the nonprofit community. We have served many nonprofit clients of all sizes and complexities. We understand the challenges facing nonprofits, such as maximizing resources available to provide services, complying with complex reporting and accounting standards, minimizing administrative costs and dealing with unique tax issues. Our professionals have extensive experience and a thorough understanding of nonprofit bookkeeping, and the accounting issues affecting nonprofit organizations. They attend numerous seminars and continuing professional education classes featuring nonprofit topics. Our professionals are involved and active in the nonprofit community. Many serve on various boards and committees and regularly speak at nonprofit seminars.

Our CPA firm also has significant experience in performing both entity-wide and program specific audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America as well as Government Auditing Standards and OMB Circular A-133. Additionally, we have worked with numerous clients receiving state awards and are familiar with the applicable rules and regulations.

In complement to the vast Audit experience with Not-For-Profit clientele, Langdon & Company LLP has unparalleled expertise in assisting all manner of tax exempt organizations with their tax planning and reporting requirements such as:

  • Completing the package for Form 1023, Application for Tax Exempt Status, and Communication with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Preparation of Annual Federal Reporting on Form 990 series, including compliance with extensive disclosures and especially with respect to large operating organizations and affiliated groups
  • Multistate planning and compliance for registrations, renewals, and annual filing requirements
  • Review and discussion of appropriate controls and governance policies for maintaining exempt status and minimizing audit risk
  • Planning and Consulting on efficiencies and structure improvements including organization expansion, engaging in joint ventures, consideration of mergers & acquisitions, reasonable compensation analysis, and proper internal documentation of governance
  • IRS and Multistate Dispute Resolution services

Our extensive experience enables us to provide efficient, cost-effective services to a variety of nonprofit organizations. Furthermore, our familiarity with nonprofits provides us with the perspective needed to identify industry "best practices". As part of our service, we can offer the Organizations suggestions for improving their procedures and controls.

Services often utilized by our nonprofit clients: