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Business Services

It’s tempting to assume that your accountant has everything under control. But many accountants focus primarily on filling out tax returns without really tracking the performance of the underlying business. Most successful business owners understand that if they really want to manage their business, they need to get comfortable with the fundamentals of accounting. To business owners, Langdon & Company LLP is much more than just a tax return preparer, we are an integral member of your business team.

As a Raleigh CPA firm, Langdon & Company LLP advises business owners and managers throughout the lifecycle of their company. At inception, we help with decisions such as choice of entity, ownership structure, bookkeeping controls, risk management, employee benefit needs, budgeting, and cash flow management. As the business grows, we provide business accounting services such as audit and attest services, income tax compliance, tax planning, capital needs and financing, internal controls, accounting systems, compensation strategies, employee retention, and mergers & acquisition planning. For the mature business and its owner(s), we consult on devising appropriate succession planning strategies, including multi-generational transfers, executive buy-outs and severance packages, business liquidation and other exit strategies.

Although Langdon & Company’s own business accounting services expertise provides clients access to a wealth of vital business knowledge, relying on the collective experience of our partners and staff we also have an extensive network of professionals at our disposal when the situation dictates.

Clients have come to trust our referral network of professionals in the fields of:

  • Legal
  • Banking & Finance
  • Personal Investment & Wealth Management
  • Business Brokerage
  • Research & Development Credits
  • Certified Business Appraisal
  • Cost Segregation and Capitalization Analysis
  • Retirement Plan Set-up and Administration
  • Insurance and Risk Assurance
  • Employee Benefits, HRIS and Payroll Management
  • Recruitment
  • SEC Accounting and International Tax Compliance

The complement of internal experience and acumen plus access to our external professional experts arms our clients with an unparalleled advisory support team.

Below are a few of the business accounting services we commonly provide for our business clients: