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Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Langdon & Company LLP provides professional Bookkeeping Services to Raleigh, NC clients whose businesses would be needlessly encumbered by financial details that can be handled accurately and expeditiously by our accounting specialists. Outsourcing accounting services, gives businesses security as it related to continuity of personnel and flow of information. Langdon & Company LLP utilizes a customized approach to providing accounting services. Langdon & Company LLP tailors each accounting services engagement based on individual client’s needs, capabilities and budget. Our client service models range from general oversight and consulting to complete outsourced accounting services.

QuickBooks™ Online Model

This is a great solution for small businesses with a limited finance budget. In this model, we utilize QuickBooks™ Online. QuickBooks™ Online can be used anywhere, anytime where there is an on online connection and is very cost effective. One of the main advantages is that it allows Langdon & Company LLP to access your accounting records simultaneously from our office. This makes support more convenient and less costly. QuickBooks™ Online is a VeriSign Secured™ product, and because they use the same data-encryption technology that banks rely on, your data is secure. And because it’s online, it’s automatically backed up. Not only does QuickBooks online handle all of your accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll needs, but it includes the added feature of online banking. Automated online banking downloads transactions from your bank or credit card right into your QuickBooks™ Online company file. The benefits of using online banking is that it dramatically reduce manual data entry, it is easy to set up and use and it virtually eliminates reconciliation as the data comes directly from your bank. QuickBooks™ Online is a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes bookkeeping, accounting, and other similar tasks easy for anyone to use, even a non-accountant.

Our Raleigh bookkeeping professionals work closely with you to purchase and setup the program. We assist with development of an effective chart of accounts and financial reports. We then conduct training on the proper use of the program. This includes day to day data entry, such as accounts payable and billing. On an ongoing monthly basis, Langdon & Company LLP typically reconciles major balance sheet accounts, including cash, accounts receivable and payable, and payroll accounts. This model has several variations depending upon individual client needs and wants. Langdon & Company LLP oversight ensures that your financial reporting is accurate and you, the business owner/manager, can focus on operations.

Outsourced Accounting Model

This model works well for those businesses that do not wish to implement an internal accounting department, but whose accounting needs is beyond the capabilities and time constraints of the management group/office manager. This model is a turn-key solution whereby Langdon & Company LLP serves as your accounting department. Services available include:

  • Processing accounts payable
  • Processing payroll and applicable reporting
  • Billing and maintaining accounts receivable
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Assisting with cash management
  • Assisting with budgeting
  • Reconciling cash and other balance sheet accounts
  • Maintaining fixed assets records
  • Providing monthly financial reports.

Other services

QuickBooks™ Consulting

Our accounting professionals are Certified Quickbooks® ProAdvisors. This designation affirms their in-depth knowledge of Quickbooks® that enables Langdon & Company LLP Quickbooks® consultants to advise our clients on Quickbooks’® business management solutions. We consult with our clients regarding version choice, initial set-up, and offer on-going support and training as needed.

Financial Consulting

Oftentimes businesses need to consult with a financial professional on various topics. Langdon & Company LLP offers the vast expertise of our professionals to you. We are a valuable resource in areas such as:

  • Application of accounting principles
  • Financial reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow analysis
  • Accounting system consulting and implementation
  • Debt covenant calculations
  • Forecasts and Projections
  • Restoration and clean up of financial records that have been lost/comprimised

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